Tuesday, May 29, 2007


God has taught me so much on worship over this past trip! The sound was different than I was used to. It was a lot heavier, but at the same time, not distracting. Pastor Timothy Durey said that he never thought he could worship to a guitar solo.

I used to never raise my hands, but God has taught me that when raising my hands is me giving so much more worship than just singing the words. I feel the Spirit coming upon me and feel new life in me. It's a great feeling!

That is just the basics. I've got to help get ready to leave this amazing conference!!!!!!!!



AgapeTheologian said...

Sorry everyone,

I can't upload pictures at this time...

Pastor Timothy said...


Andy Moore said...

Careful mate, don't get to wound up in emotion. Worship isn't all about feeling good and/or displaying this in a physical manner.

Reverence and solemnity in worship are surely just as pleasing to God.