Monday, September 08, 2008

Poison of Complaining

Complaint, complaint, complaint…Words screaming from youth and even adults. “That’s stupid”, “Why are we doing that”, “Oh my, what a moron”, “That’s so dumb”, “Why can’t we do it like this”. Complaint, complaint, complaint.
When will this poison stop killing the church as it is today. It has already suffered so much, and the poison keeps spreading.
I used to be among the top complainers of my day. However last year I was notified of this sin in my own life and drastic changes had to be made. Do I still complain? I am no where near perfection. However, by the grace of God, my complaining is a lot more rare to catch. I like how C.J. Mahaney put it, complaining is saying God, I don’t trust you. I know your way is not best. However, Lord…I have a solution! My way oh Lord is better…
I hope you see how sick, twisted, and perverted this is. How dare we as created beings talk back to God and say we don’t trust a sovereign God who works everything for good!

Now, some of you may be wondering what the poison is in reference to. We are going to dissect how complaining has effects on the complainer and the ones who hear the complainer.

Phil 2:14 says, “Do all things without
grumbling or questioning”

We may ask “Why”

God replies in the following verse,
“that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God”

So even God warns us against complaining. As I said earlier, when you complain you are telling God you don’t trust in Him and His sovereign will is meaningless. So what does it say to others? The exact same thing.

Complaining is very catching. Say we are in a group and something doesn’t go my way. And I speak loudly and complain about it. What is that going to do to the others in the group? Will my speech point them back to God? Scratch that idea. You will be taking them down with you in sin.
Complaining can also hurt others and may shun them from every speaking up. The picture of my youth group comes to mind. Say a close friend gives input about an upcoming idea and I say, “That was the dumbest idea yet…”
That comment could hurt my friend but it is a lot more deadly then that. A more quiet person is never go to speak up because you caused them to be afraid and need your approval.
If you are the complainer you are not helping out at all. You are a vessel being used to spread this deadly poison. You are not only corrupting the group or friends you are with, but you are also corrupting your very being.
The world is not going to want to join the church if all we ever do is complain. Are we as believers showing Christ and acting like little Christ’s if we are complaining? Since when has complaining ever achieved anything for the good? When has someone come to the Lord because of a complainer?

This poison has got to stop corrupting the church today. When will it stop?

Here is my solution: I am going to echo what I’ve heard from a conference by C.J. Mahaney.

1. Take one bit of scripture.
-In this instance, memorize and or meditate on Phil. 2:14. “Do all things without grumbling or questioning”

2. What is the truth in this verse?
-Answer, do not complain.

3. Within the next following days, evaluate yourself after each night. When you feel the need to complain, remember the Scriptures, it’s your only cure!

(I also urge accountability, confess your sins to one another; James 5:16.)

Will you be the cure or will you just contribute to the poison?

In Prayers,