Tuesday, May 29, 2007


God has taught me so much on worship over this past trip! The sound was different than I was used to. It was a lot heavier, but at the same time, not distracting. Pastor Timothy Durey said that he never thought he could worship to a guitar solo.

I used to never raise my hands, but God has taught me that when raising my hands is me giving so much more worship than just singing the words. I feel the Spirit coming upon me and feel new life in me. It's a great feeling!

That is just the basics. I've got to help get ready to leave this amazing conference!!!!!!!!


Monday, May 28, 2007


Mark Dever and Al Mohler did a great job the previous sessons, but I am going to skip until last night when C.J. Mahanney spoke. He did an excellent job. I am going to try to summarize what he spoke about.

C.J. started off in Exodus 20 and reading where God tells Israel not to have any idols before Him or make anything of some sort. God couldn't of been any clearing. Idolatry is the most discussed sin in God's word, and it's the most condemning sin.

  • Prior to conversion, Idolatry was our offense to God. (Rom. 1)
  • There's been a lot a bad trades in sports, but God made the worse trade of all.
    • Why would God trade His son for us?
-Idolatry is most popular talked about n the Bible, but is the most over looked!

  • We desperately need theologically discernment to be able to discern idolatry.

"Evil in our desires usually don't live in what we want, but that we want it TOO much."
John Calvin

"Human heart is a function of idols...from Mother's wound, expert in investing idols"
John Calvin

Some idol may be completely oblivious to me, but obvious to others.

1.Growth in godliness
-Purify heart
-Discerning, detecting sin.
-By grace destroy idols, by discern it.
2.Grow in great fullness to God
-Reminds us our need of forgiveness and our need of a savior
Luke 7:47



Sunday, May 27, 2007

Me getting my books signed my Joshua Harris! He is the coolest!

Joshua Harris-First night at Na

Eric Simmons introduced before Josh came up and spoke.

Eric concluded:

1. Question your answers
-Humble yourself before God
2.Think of yourself first
-When discerning
-Always. That God will open my eyes to Truth

Joshua Harris:

  • Rediscovery these truths with humility
  • We want the Truth that has always been and have it change us.
  • We need to humbly proclaiming this truth
  • We need not to be people who are right, but people who are rescued.
  • Discernment=testing what's good and evil ad acting on what we see and distinguish of what God values.
  • We need to work at it
  • We need to study the Bible
  • Mature believers practice power of discernment.

Rom 12:1-2

  • Truth of Gospel
  • Gospel living
  • Discern will of God
  • Give God everything I am
  • Give Him my LIVING BODY
  • Lay myself on the altar as a living sacrifice

There were so much more things that he said. These are just the highlights. I want t leave you with one more thing.

"-We must have a strong doctrinal content.
-Display it.
-If theology doesn't shape your life, then you don't understand it."-Joshua Harris

Love you all!

Thanks for your prayers,

New Attitude #1


I read through Philippians 1-2. Here are a few things that stuck out to me.


-All of out prayers should be prayed with joy. This doesn't necessarily mean you can't mourn, but mourn with joy because of our savior.
-God is the one who has begun the salvation process, He is the One who has begun the salvation process, He is the only One who can ad will finish it.
-To be able to approve what is excellent, pure, blameless...I need more knowledge and discernment.


-I want to be with Christ, but Christ wants me here on this earth which is more necessary on my account. I will remain in progress and joy in my faith.

Chapter 2:


-Do nothing out of RIVALRY, Christians should have he same mind. Rivalry doesn't equal love.
-Christ became so humble by becoming and man and by obeying His Father; Then he was hghly exalted.


-God is the One who works in me for me Salvation and good works through us. (Almost repeat from Chapter 1)
-Everything I do, do it all without complaining, grumbling, and questioning. Then, I maybe blameless and innocent children of God. This doesn't mean I will be perfect, but I will further my sanctification. and get closer to glorification.
-I need to be 'blameless' in the perverse generation to shine for Christ. Then, it won't be in vain and Christ will be proud of me.

These are just a few things that I did for me devotions yesterday. I urge you all to check out, www.therebelution.com. They are the official live bloggers! I'll try to update on how it went yesterday ad my time seeing Joshua Harris speak, etc...

Keep Praying,