Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Attitude #1


I read through Philippians 1-2. Here are a few things that stuck out to me.


-All of out prayers should be prayed with joy. This doesn't necessarily mean you can't mourn, but mourn with joy because of our savior.
-God is the one who has begun the salvation process, He is the One who has begun the salvation process, He is the only One who can ad will finish it.
-To be able to approve what is excellent, pure, blameless...I need more knowledge and discernment.


-I want to be with Christ, but Christ wants me here on this earth which is more necessary on my account. I will remain in progress and joy in my faith.

Chapter 2:


-Do nothing out of RIVALRY, Christians should have he same mind. Rivalry doesn't equal love.
-Christ became so humble by becoming and man and by obeying His Father; Then he was hghly exalted.


-God is the One who works in me for me Salvation and good works through us. (Almost repeat from Chapter 1)
-Everything I do, do it all without complaining, grumbling, and questioning. Then, I maybe blameless and innocent children of God. This doesn't mean I will be perfect, but I will further my sanctification. and get closer to glorification.
-I need to be 'blameless' in the perverse generation to shine for Christ. Then, it won't be in vain and Christ will be proud of me.

These are just a few things that I did for me devotions yesterday. I urge you all to check out, They are the official live bloggers! I'll try to update on how it went yesterday ad my time seeing Joshua Harris speak, etc...

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