Sunday, May 27, 2007

Me getting my books signed my Joshua Harris! He is the coolest!

Joshua Harris-First night at Na

Eric Simmons introduced before Josh came up and spoke.

Eric concluded:

1. Question your answers
-Humble yourself before God
2.Think of yourself first
-When discerning
-Always. That God will open my eyes to Truth

Joshua Harris:

  • Rediscovery these truths with humility
  • We want the Truth that has always been and have it change us.
  • We need to humbly proclaiming this truth
  • We need not to be people who are right, but people who are rescued.
  • Discernment=testing what's good and evil ad acting on what we see and distinguish of what God values.
  • We need to work at it
  • We need to study the Bible
  • Mature believers practice power of discernment.

Rom 12:1-2

  • Truth of Gospel
  • Gospel living
  • Discern will of God
  • Give God everything I am
  • Give Him my LIVING BODY
  • Lay myself on the altar as a living sacrifice

There were so much more things that he said. These are just the highlights. I want t leave you with one more thing.

"-We must have a strong doctrinal content.
-Display it.
-If theology doesn't shape your life, then you don't understand it."-Joshua Harris

Love you all!

Thanks for your prayers,


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