Sunday, June 03, 2007

Today while pondering on the Word of God. I was reading in Psalm 107. A few things stood out to me. I am going off of a similar format that I learned at New Attitude.

-What this passage teaches me about God-

  • He is good

-His love is everlasting

  • He redeems

  • Deliver's people in need if they cry out.

  • God satisfies my sould, my longing soul. He will fill my hungry soul with good things.

  • Displays wonderous works to men.

  • Makes 'storms' be se still.

-Bring Christians to their desired place

-What this passage teaches me about myself-

  • I need to give thanks to God

  • Cry out to the Lord in troubled times

-Cry out all the time

  • Thank God for His love

  • Humble myself before Him

  • Sin may bring affliction (Vs. 17)

  • Share God's marvelous deeds with other with 'joy'

  • Extol Him

  • If wise, I may see God.

I hope this was an encouragment to you. I just finished When I Don't Desire God: How to fight for joy, by John Piper. It was an excellent book. One part that I really enjoyed was that we need to be constantly in the word and memorizing God's Word. How can we fight for joy if we don't memorize God's word? We can't! It's like a spec ops going on a secret mission without his gun. We would not be prepared for battle. We have to battle our way through times of dry spells. Keep consistent in the Word!

In Prayers,