Friday, July 27, 2007

Sex God (Part 2)

To my surprise, I actually enjoyed Rob Bell's book. One negative I would like to point out is:

-Why does our culture say we have a wedding ceremony to be married. I'm not saying what Bell says, talking about people sleeping together yet not married, "But Maybe it's already a marriage in God's eyes, and maybe their having sex had already joined them as man and wife from God's perspective.

This isn't a low view of sex. It's a higher view of sex. It's a higher view of marriage. It's people living in the reality of the decisions they've all ready made."

1.If that's the case, their are a ton and I mean a ton of divorces in God's eyes...

Over all I give this book a 4 out of 5. I do like how Bell states that we were not created like animals who just do "it" when it's time. We are also not like angels who act like we don't know what sex is. However, we are created to be sexual beings. We are sexual!

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AgapeTheologian said...

Also, I made an update to my Velvet Elvis review...

Reformed Pastor said...

Actually Justin, Rob Bell saying that it is okay to have premarital sex would cause me reject the book entirely. That take on premarital sex is just sucking up to the culture! Which seems to be a talent of Bells!

AgapeTheologian said...

Reformed Pastor,

I don't believe Rob says it's ok to have premarital sex.

I'm fairly confident that quote is not suggesting that Rob says premarital is ok. He is just challenging us how we think about sex.

I do see however how that quote could be misleading.

Thanks for your comments...


B_Shook said...

I agree with Reformed Pastor... if sex is marriage in God's eyes, then any time sex occurs that is a marriage.

So what reason do we have for avoiding sex with someone we are engaged to but not yet married to?

If you're going to be married anyway... why not just go ahead and sleep together and be "married" and then get the ceremony over with later on?

No... sex does not equal marriage. Marriage is what God has created to give us access to sex.

Anya said...

Hey there!

I haven't actually read any of Bell's books, but I'd be really careful. From what I read about him, it seems like he's very fond of twisting words to mean whatever is convenient for him.

In Him,

revivaltimes said...

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