Monday, July 23, 2007

SEX GOD (Part 1)

Here are my thoughts on Sex God by Rob Bell. This review will not be as detailed as Velvet Elvis was, but I will try to point out a few of the negatives that I have found in the book...

Despite how I felt about Velvet Elvis I actually really enjoyed this book. Rob Bell had slight errors and only a few things I really disagree with. I would actually recommend this book... I would just clarify a few of Bells mistakes.

Ch. 1

-Rob Bell says that lust doesn't seem that big of a deal since it is so common. He doesn't have a correct view on Matthew 5:27-30.

-His view on the Lord's Supper is a little weak.

As of Chapter one, the book is recommendable. As I continue to read, I am scared that this view may change and change very fast...

Ch. 5

-He says that some people are good enough for God.
1.Who is good enough for God. No one is good enough for God. It's by grace we are saved not on what I deserve.

-"God can do anything-that's what makes God, God. But God can't everything. God can't make us love him-that's our choice."

1.A very shocking statement. This statement puts a bitter taste in my mouth. That statement is denying God of who He is. It's saying that God is not in full control. It's saying God is not sovereign. It's saying God can't make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor. (Rom 9)

2.This is the biggest problem I have found so far.


Anonymous said...

could you tell us the positives?

Pastor Timothy said...

Do you have a direct quote on Bell when he says some people are good enough for God and also that lust isn't that big of a deal?

Cass said...


2 comments from me and you don't even know me. I obviously have way too much time on my hands! (and I'm just really sorry you have to listen to me babble on and on)

With the last negative that you found in Rob Bell's book the "God can do anything... thats what makes God God" statement, I'd say I'd have to agree with Bell, he just said it wrong.

God can do everything, (not to repeat myself) thats pretty darn obvious. A God that whispers and snaps the world into place... thats proof even for any grade A theologian to see that God can do anything. As far as " God can't make us love him" it's not as far as he can't as much as He won't. That's the sovreign"ness" of God... He lets us make our own decision, even if in our shallow ways of seeing things, it makes him appear weak.

I know Rob Bell's stuff, I've read and done many of his studies. He is more into getting to the college age kids and being completely sarcastic to make a point. Which, in someways, it works, and in someways is very dangerous because you can't always hear the sarcasm through the page of a book.

Praying for you Brother