Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Batman and Halo 3...

Some friends have said, "You didn't like Batman but you play Halo 3?"

That statement hit me and make me think. So, I thank you all for challenging me. Here is my response.

You may say Halo 3 is violent, just like Batman.

Halo is indeed violent. Don't get me wrong. However, I see a huge difference. I hope after I am done writing this short essay, you will see the difference. You may not agree with my stance on Batman, but I hope you see the difference between the two.

What is the point of Halo? The point of all the Halo's is to save earth from domination of Aliens. With that said, Halo is a military game and the point of the violence is for the better. The evil in the game is portrayed as evil and not as good.

That is Halo's campaign which I don't play a whole lot. I prefer multilayer. I think it is more fun.

Now, why do I play multiplayer? First off, obviously it is fun to me and others whom I play with. Now, isn't it kind of violent and bloody? The reason it is violent is because you are using weapons and destroy the others. To be completely honest, you are not even human. You are a machine. There is some blood however.

According to John Eldredge, people have told me that God has put inside a male's body a want for dominance and to be the best. This could be one reason why many males are more competitive than females. I do like to compete in Halo. I do want to honor God. A good friend of mine, Bennett Sweat once said, "I do believe I can play Halo to the glory of God, I just want to make sure I am doing it." So, my good friend points out there are ways that we have played that are not glorifying God.

Batman on the other hand was a totally different kind of violence. Evil looked so good. Killing innocent women was portrayed as fun and that you would have joy in the process. (Read post before for more details) Batman was dark, no one should ever say Lord of the Rings is dark.

The way people were killed was just evil. Halo on the other hand is not evil. Master Chief in Halo is a hero. He is the character you play as in campaign. He is courageous, he is a protector, he rescues humans from the aliens, he is strong, he brings boldness and confidence in the fights to the marines.

When Batman shows up, fear from the civilians arise. No one likes him.

The violence and evil in Batman is not compared to Halo. The two are portrayed completely different.

Halo is shooting to save humans. Or in multiplayer, shooting to get map control and to dominate in the game. Not mere killing for killings sake, or as in Batman's case, murder's case.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

I also do hope you see my heart in this. I do not want to come across as self righteous. I just want you to see a difference between the two. You could even compare the Bourne series to Batman and see the differences.

Like I said in a previous post, if you can watch Batman for the glory of God, by all means watch it. However, I can not watch Dark Knight for the glory of God.

In Prayers,



Natalie Joy said...

Hey There! Good post. We'll have to talk about it sometime. Great insight on it though, my friend. :)

Bennett said...

Yes, good post, Justin!

Pastor Timothy said...

Interesting, but unsure of the complete differences (although I know there are some).

Personally, I had a hard time watching the Bourne Identity simply because of the killing and the detail it went into in the killing. Scripturally you don't find that much detail and that much intensity for that amount of time. But, I do believe that the "Bourne" series portrays evil as evil.

Regarding Halo. Is something made right simply because the media portrays evil as evil and good as good? For instance, if there was a movie with two or three sexual scenes, would the movie be okay if at the end they said, "Well, those sex encounters were really, really wicked!"

I'm wondering how we differentiate killing and sex. I know there is a difference, but where's the line.

These are all questions to be thinking through for all of us (including me).

Anya said...

Hey Justin,

It's been a while since I stopped past or talked to you... it looks like you've been doing quite a lot of thinking. :) Keep your heart set on glorifying God, not just in good ways, but in the best ways possible.

In Him,

Starcatcherstudios said...

I'm sorry, You are comparing a game where you get to watch monster's heads get blown away, to Batman, a man who beats villains into a pulp? I understand if you don't like Batman. But saying that Halo is good, and Batman is evil is simply the lesser of two evils. I actually enjoyed the more spiritual elements of the dark knight, and I have heard of the major controversy over Halo, but really, it really is like comparing two evils, and seeing which is better for you.

I don't see how you came to those thoughts biblically.

Just my two cents, hope I don't insult you.

Over and Out,

Chris Hutton

Anonymous said...

Ummm,,what about [Exo 20:13] Thou shalt not kill.
I realize your not actually killing but you are making a game of the behavior God Commanded you not to do. A game that uses wicked imaginations or at least imaginations that are contrary to God's commandment.
There's just no excuse for it. It is man's wicked invention and God will not get glory from it (period)
If you want to play it,play it..and be honest with your self and God... but don't try to convince yourself that God gets any glory from it.

AgapeTheologian said...

I didn't mean to start a debate over this. My apologies.

I'm going to respond to a few things.

First, I've never played Halo and blew off a guys head. I don't like those type of games. I enjoy the online multiplayer because of the strategy that is involved. It's basically like paintball or laser tag, but in the game you are a military weapon, robotic thing, which they call "Spartan". Sure, you use real guns, but I've never imagined myself actually killing someone. I also wasn't trying to compare, but I had people ask me. That's all.

Like I said before, if you can watch batman and glorify God, by all means go for it. As for me, i can not. It was too dark and I felt like the majority of the movie was evil oriented.

If you are going to use Exodus 20, then I must ask you about Wars? Because the verse actually says, "Murder". The game is set in a future war. But like I said earlier, I don't like the campaigns to games but I enjoy the online play.

I'm sorry if I offended you. But I believe there is way to play video games to the glory of God. If I can not do it, then I agree with you, I should not play it. But if I can play it to give God glory, why not play it?

I am open to hear your argument to why God can't receive glory from it. If I can give God glory through Orange Juice, playing sports, and may other things why are video games bad?

I don't want to get into the legalistic mind set and live my life by rules. Not all secular music is bad, although it's harder for me to give God glory through secular music so I listen to Christian music.

Anyways, I hope this helps and if you would like to discuss further, I would be happy too.

In Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,

I wast trying to aim ANY of my comments tward you persay. Please dont take them that way. Im not the Judge. I was trying to point out the wickedness of man and all his inventions. That means all of included. I did say if you want to play all means play it and have fun. It just hasnt any thing to do with 'Gods Glory'. I am FAR from leagle...I derserve none of the blessings I recieve dailly. 'Mercy' is for the guilty! and, But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:
What ever i do...I give thanks for it wether its right or wrong. but most of that right and wrong stuff is(in the eyes of man)who are born in iniquity and sin.
Hope I didnt offend you...

God is good!
God Bless!

PS: In the King James Bible the word is kill not murder but that's a whole other issue that I wouldn't want to offend any one over.

Anonymous said...

also sorry for my bad Bad Grammar!

God Bless!

Josiah Dunham said...

Good post, Justin. I agree!

Kaitland C. said...

I know that I'm waaaay behind the times, but I did think I should throw in there that I do agree with you here... how things are portrayed (and the heart and intent with which they are done) are very important in whether things are right or wrong.

My dad used to talk about how tone of voice is very important in the meaning of a sentence. You can tell someone you love them in a very mean, angry tone of voice... are they going to think you love them? Probably not. Or you could tell someone you hate them while laughing and winking. Do you really hate them? Most likely you are just joking.

That isn't to say that we aren't to be cautious and we can say whatever we want. The Bible warns us to be cautious. Because one thing is right, it doesn't mean that something else with a similar concept is, too. Everything we do should be weighed according to Scripture, prayer, and the wisdom of those that are wiser than we is definitely helpful as well.

If you can't play Halo with the right heart and mindset, I would say don't. But if you can, I don't see a problem with it (other than it being a time waster when in excess). If you can watch a movie with the right thoughts and heart, though this does not justify all movies in any way, then you can. People see things, recieve things, and think things differently. What one person sees as disgusting, another may see as cool. So again, just weigh it according to Scripture and prayer. :)

Anyways, those are all just my thoughts on the matter... I know I'm really late and far behind in saying something, haha. :P But I didn't even know you when this was posted anyway. :P