Friday, March 21, 2008

Benny Hinn and the gospel???

In my class, there are have been multiple comments regarding Benny Hinn. Some may he is legit, some say he is not.

My question is, why would someone who is doing the work of the LIVING GOD, tell people to pay him(Benny) and then he(Benny) will heal you. This goes against the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I hope you enjoy this video...


The Reformed Pastor said...

Is this a public school class where people are saying that Benny Hinn is legit?

Anya said...

Hey, good to see you blogging again! I'll hopefully be getting back to your PM on the Reb about Infant Baptism sooner rather than later... we were away for a week and things seem to have piled up in my absence. Especially college-type things! Just to let you know. :) Have a great day.

In Him,

AgapeTheologian said...


Sounds good. I was wondering why I haven't heard from you in a while. Well, take your time.

Well, hopefully we will have some good discussions coming up in on the REB!